Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

In my humble opinion, the MTV Movie Awards are a joke. My opinion on this event got fueled when the 2014 rendition aired this past weekend. There are so many things wrong with this "awards" show that ironically they are the same reasons it will probably be on for years to come.
For one, the show doesn't take itself seriously. To be fair it doesn't claim to be an Oscars competitor but they just seem not to care about the quality of their presentation. They film parodies based on the biggest movies of the previous year, and by biggest I mean the ones that had the most explosions and/or crude humor.
 Secondly, the categories are the silliest ones I've ever seen on an awards show. I saw the Kid's Choice Awards last month and the categories on that show weren't even as childish as those on this show.
 Lastly, there's the logistics of the show's existence altogether. The channel it airs on is MTV which stands for Music Television not Movie Television. The channel is mostly known for reality shows nowadays.
There is no other channel as misnamed as MTV. If this show were aired on Comedy Central, which is its sister network, then that would make more sense being as this awards show relies on its humor and foolishness to keep its audience from changing the channel. I myself could never sit down and watch a whole telecast, being an age within the targeted demographic.
The MTV Movie Awards isn't the most ceremonious or kid-friendly awards show on TV, but given the channel it's on and the targeted audience I can see why it's lasted this long.

Here's what USA Today took from this event.

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