Monday, February 10, 2014

A Fly on the Wall

To many, Denny’s is a place where older people go to read the newspaper or enjoy a meal after church. What do I have to say about that assumption? Denny’s is the complete opposite. On the outside it may seem like a calm place but on the inside, it’s a circus of different things going on.
In front from where I sit, there’s a family with four children who are constantly running around the table. I blame the sugar they consumed by drowning their pancakes in syrup. Oh, and I think one of them farted. On my left, there’s a couple arguing about what to do for Valentine’s Day. He wants to stay home and cook her a meal, while she wants to go to Red Lobster. They leave before they settle on a decision. I say come back to Denny’s. Their prices are unbeatable. Then on my right, there’s an older man talking on his phone for what seemed like the whole time. Apparently his laundry is ready to be picked up, his mother needs dental surgery and I just discovered that my pet peeve is people talking on their phones in restaurants or any public place really.
This fly has seen, smelled and heard a lot of things on Denny’s wall. Since I can’t afford to go to Las Vegas to see the circus I guess this place isn’t a bad consolation. Plus they have great milkshakes.

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  1. A fun read. Almost enough to make me want to hang out at Denny's for a while.