Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Makes It News

Flappy Bird is an app that has adopted tens of millions of players in the last few months. Recently, Dong Nguyen, the creator of the game, announced that he would be taking it off the various app stores in which the game could be downloaded. He says he believed it was becoming too addictive to its players. I heard this story from a handful of my friends who played the game on a daily basis.
The news values that make this story newsworthy are unusualness and human interest. This story is unusual because Dong Nguyen created a game by himself and it became a smash hit. What was even more unusual was that Nguyen decided to end the game completely so no one could download it anymore. It’s extremely rare that someone does this after finding so much success worldwide. As mentioned before, tens of millions of people downloaded the game so a lot of people are sad, to say the least, that their newest obsession is gone for good. So human interest is definitely present.
To localize this story, one could interview local players and get their thoughts on Nguyen’s decision to end the game. There are sure to be many players of the game in the area who still play it even though it won’t be getting anymore updates. These diehard fans could explain why they keep playing a dead game. When it comes to the Silicon Valley, it’s never farfetched to think any piece of technology cannot be revived.

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